Managed Service Providers: An Asset in Health Care

Many businesses can benefit from utilizing managed service providers to handle their IT needs. A good MSP ensures things run smoothly, handles problems quickly, and limits liabilities associated with downtime, errors or malicious attacks. Companies from practically any field realize more security, efficiency and productivity with a top-tier MSP working for them. And there is no […]


Avoid Hurricane Havoc: The Benefits of UPS Battery Backup Systems

People who use computers come from all walks of life, work across all industries, and hail from anywhere in the world. Yet they all share one common experience: The sinking feeling you get when the power goes out and you haven’t saved your work. It’s a rare occurrence, but a memorable one for all the […]


The Power of 5G

The marketing of 5G began well before the public had any opportunities to see it utilized. Mobile phones advertised themselves as being 5G capable, even when the customer had no real opportunity to access it. Service providers were touting their 5G maps when they were little more than visual goals for the future. And the […]


Top Three Benefits of Edge Computing

At one point, “the cloud” was more of a buzzword than a business device. But over time, companies saw the value of storing their data and work product in one place so all employees and partners could access and contribute to it no matter where they were. Since everything is on the internet, a secure […]


Everything You Need to Know About Cybersecurity in 2021

You know about the importance of cybersecurity. You’ve heard the warnings, and they make perfect sense. If you don’t protect your network, malicious actors can cause a great deal of damage to your business. You don’t want your company to be vulnerable to those kinds of threats. Unfortunately, they’re also vague threats. It’s a danger […]


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