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Imperium Data is a leading global IT Solutions Provider dedicated to empowering businesses, governments, and educational institutions with cutting-edge technology solutions. With a commitment to excellence, we offer a comprehensive range of services to address diverse needs. Imperium Data was founded in June 2018 on the belief that superior value is created when a premium product is support by operational excellence and unsurpassed service, at a competitive price.

Intel core ultra processors
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Our experts thoroughly identify and understand your business needs, encompassing challenges, goals, and opportunities, to tailor effective strategies and solutions that align with your objectives and ensure optimal outcomes.

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We focus on crafting a tailored and effective solution that addresses the identified business needs and develop a comprehensive plan that aligns seamlessly with your organization’s goals and requirements.

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Our professionals test and validate the solutions to ensure the newly designed solution meets performance standards. Once thoroughly vetted, the solution is ready to go live, where ongoing monitoring and optimization play crucial roles in maintaining functionality and addressing any unforeseen issues.

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We have dedicated support established to provide ongoing assistance, ensuring the effectiveness and adaptability of the implemented solution. This involves continuous monitoring, maintenance, and responsiveness to changes in the business environment.

Our leadership

Meet the dedicated and visionary individuals guiding Imperium Data toward a future of innovation, growth, and success.
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Nicholas Scarsella

CEO | Co-Founder

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Brian Hill

CRO | Co-Founder

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Andon Lucas

EVP of Strategic Alliances

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Dan Collins

EVP of Services

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Michelle Delker


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Bob hines

Director of Finance

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Dani Minogue

Director of Marketing

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Ashley simmons

Director of Operations


We're dedicated to delivering tailored solutions that empower your business. Explore our comprehensive suite of services designed to elevate your operations and drive success.