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Cloud Security and Managed Services: Finding the Right Fit

2020’s global pandemic changed the face of society as we know it. Faced with unprecedented challenges, many people were able to adapt their daily lives to remote communication and documentation methods, be it for business or simply to keep tabs on the family. Thankfully technology has advanced enough to allow businesses to continue operating remotely through the use of the cloud.


Businesses are now trending toward continued remote working options for many of its workers, which will require the expanded use of cloud networks. An expanded use of cloud networks will require increased security and management for all business data stored in the cloud. 


What is it?

Cloud security is a necessary part of life in the virtual and remote access world. Securing your network to ensure your data, your employees’ personnel files, and your clients’ information is imperative.


The solution to securing your cloud and not increasing your workload is through managed services. Essentially, managed services for your cloud-based system require contracting with a third party to make your cloud-based system their priority. As your business productivity increases, your company may be more prone to cyberattacks.


These Managed Service Providers ensure that there are no misconfigurations in the operating system, that your VPN (virtual private network) is and remains secure and provide constant oversight of your systems and instant attention to any detected threats.


How It Works

Outsourcing your cloud security may feel like a daunting task. The data sourced by businesses is essential to the continuity of the business but hiring the right firm will protect your system from cybercriminals and ensure that protection 24/7. Once an IT firm has been hired, they will review the current systems in place, searching for and repairing misconfigurations and areas of vulnerability that leave businesses prone to data breaches. Once your system has been optimized, the proper cloud architecture for your business constructed, and a well-explored strategy put in place, the provider will provide uninterrupted monitoring of the system for any threats, breaches, or other operating-system failures. Should an issue be detected, they will provide real-time response to avoid the decimation of your data.



The benefits of cloud security with managed services are extensive. First, by outsourcing cloud security, business owners will typically save money.


Most MSPs provide businesses with a monthly plan providing access to not only cloud security, but support for other computing needs. Further, using a Managed Service Provider ensures your business is only utilizing the technology it needs, saving the owner the high cost of testing software that will not work with its platform.


Cloud security management systems allow businesses to have one centralized network to store the data needed by employees and to manage any issues with applications or information. These systems are easily maintained and backed up in one place.


By using a third party to secure the cloud platform, security is provided with minimal disturbance to employees. Should a threat be detected, or a breach occurs, the security provider will assess and attend to the situation with little to no interruptions to the employees and their work. Managed Service Providers always have that backup ready to go in case of an emergency.


Since the system is being monitored 24/7, the response time to threats, breaches, or other attacks is drastically reduced. Managed Service Providers have a team always at hand to ensure the cloud data is secure. Further, using a Managed Service Provider allows for a larger pool of experts from which to draw knowledge. Having that expertise and skill on hand 24/7 is a great way to provide relief to many business owners.


Challenges and Solutions

Naturally, there are challenges to cloud security and managed services. As the cloud market changes, your system must adapt with those changes.


Because of these shifts, ensuring you contract your security with expert providers is paramount to the safety of the cloud platform. The right provider will understand the business needs as well as the compliance regulations under which the business must operate. An inexperienced provider may not account for those regulations and may cause serious issues for the business, including fines and potential lawsuits. Businesses that are a part of the supply chain require elevated security as they are more susceptible to cyberattacks than many other businesses. The solution to these challenges lies in contracting with trustworthy experts who understand not only the general business operations but also can provide the framework and oversight the business needs and will work together with the owners to develop a strategy whose primary purpose is the protection of the business’ data.


Imperium Data has the expertise required for the implementation and management of your cloud security needs. Stay on top of the rapidly advancing technology to repel cybercriminals by consulting with Imperium Data. For more information on how we will ensure the protection of your cloud-based data, please see our contact page.

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