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Wi-Fi 6 and What It Means for Your Business

It’s hard to imagine a modern work area not having Wi-Fi. It’s as necessary as a chair for sitting, and if given a choice, many workers would choose to have fast, reliable Wi-Fi over the chair. That’s how important it is to your business.


Now that Wi-Fi 6 (technically 802.11ax) is here as a mainstream offering, what does that mean for you and your company? The “6” is a lot more than just the next number in the progression of the Wi-Fi standard, and it isn’t a minor advancement over the last version. It represents a true leap forward for business and offers productivity opportunities that weren’t available previously.


Here are some of the advantages of Wi-Fi 6.


You would expect the latest Wi-Fi to be faster, and Wi-Fi 6 certainly qualifies: Its top speed is nearly three times faster than Wi-Fi 5. And while most devices won’t ever reach that top speed, its potential can be shared among all active devices, meaning everyone enjoys a significant speed boost.


The new data delivery technology also reduces latency, which can be frustrating for users and add to lost productivity across the company. Faster speeds without latency are an important benefit for businesses and the people involved in the critical workflow.


More Devices.

Wi-Fi 6 can provide fast access to all your Wi-Fi-dependent devices. But why does that really matter, especially if you haven’t added new computers this year?


It matters a lot. Today’s smart devices – from phones to security devices to thermostats and much more – all benefit from Wi-Fi access. Many pieces of equipment that used to be more simple machines can now track inventory and other vital statistics in real-time and transmit that data to an entire network. Even if you didn’t add specific workstations or laptops, you probably have more devices needing Wi-Fi access than ever.


Juniper Networks is optimizing this opportunity with its Internet of Things (IoT) Assurance service. Securing these devices while enhancing the Wi-Fi 6E (a standard for an extension of Wi-Fi 6) experience for all users, allows for enhanced productivity. Mist AI keeps everything operating smoothly and simply while maximizing the benefits of using the Mist cloud. As a result, Wi-Fi 6E can accommodate dozens of devices without slowing anyone down or hindering productivity.



To state that Wi-Fi 6 has better security, and is safer to use, is technically true. But it doesn’t begin to tell the story of its advantages over the previous generation. Implementing Wi-Fi Protected Access 3 (WPA3) protocols neutralizes brute force hacking attempts, tightens authentication procedures for new devices trying to access the network, and utilizes advanced encryption standards to improve password strength and security. Traffic going to and from a device is also encrypted, meaning even if sensitive data was somehow compromised, it still couldn’t be read, manipulated, or utilized.


WPA3 (and, therefore, Wi-Fi 6) takes a proactive approach to predict dangerous and malicious behavior from cybercriminals and cuts off weak spots while increasing monitoring and notification procedures to ensure everything remains safe. No system is 100 percent impenetrable, but WPA3 is the most comprehensive and effective solution to blanket all Wi-Fi activity with cutting-edge security measures.


Utilizing the Imperium Data Advantage

Imperium Data is the place to get started on improving your network experience with Wi-Fi 6. From initial questions to final implementation, we’re here to help. You can always reach us through our contact page for a prompt response.

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