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Avoid Hurricane Havoc: The Benefits of UPS Battery Backup Systems

People who use computers come from all walks of life, work across all industries, and hail from anywhere in the world. Yet they all share one common experience:


The sinking feeling you get when the power goes out and you haven’t saved your work.


It’s a rare occurrence, but a memorable one for all the wrong reasons. Once it happens, you lament the loss of data and the time you wasted since everything was backed up, while also remembering the mantra that you didn’t follow: Save your work often. The minutes spent restarting, logging back in and finding your place again are filled with helpless frustration. And there’s really nothing you can do at that point. The power was interrupted, and you paid the price.


Of course, that’s what makes a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) so valuable. Having a battery backup solves that problem (as well as others), but it’s not usually something you think much about until it’s too late. And with natural events such as hurricanes affecting large parts of the country with unpredictable patterns and strength, “too late” might be one named storm away.


That means right now – while everything is still working and there’s no thought of power outages or surges – is the best possible time to consider adding this important solution to the equipment you need and depend on the most.


Different Types of Protection

As the name implies, the UPS will provide battery backup in case the power goes out. In an extended outage, you’ll have enough time to save your work and make sure all data is preserved. When the power resumes, you can start up again, find your place, and continue.


But in a short outage (perhaps just a second or two), you won’t miss a beat. It would be enough of an interruption to lose everything without battery backup, but with a UPS in place, you don’t even have to shut down. Everything stays on for those few seconds, and when the power resumes, nothing at all is lost. With a quick save (power outages are a good reminder to save data), you’re back at work.


Not having to log back on and sign in can be a significant time savings as well, as some systems require several minutes to get back to where you were. So no matter how long the outage lasts, your work can be preserved and saved for future use.


While data preservation is considered the main benefit of the UPS battery backup, it isn’t the only one. The UPS serves as a surge protector as well. In the case of a power spike or surge, losing your data might be the least of your problems. When there’s a surge of electricity, even for a second, your hardware is at risk. Circuit boards, hard drives, and other critical components can be damaged or completely ruined. In addition to losing your current work, you could lose the components that allow you to work at all.


Other electricity-related risks to your hardware can occur when devices or electromagnetic signals interrupt the smooth flow of power, causing harmonic distortion, line noise and other problems. While a significant investment in replacing hardware plus the risk of losing your data permanently might be the worst-case scenario, it’s still a possibility without the right protection.


Fortunately, the UPS battery backup will provide those types of benefits as well. You’ll not only avoid potential damage to your computer and related hardware, but your business won’t experience downtime and the related costs associated with getting everything up and working again.


If those were the only benefits of a UPS battery backup, it would more than justify adding them to your critical workstations. But it also serves as a power inverter, converting the current from DC to AC, which enables you to draw upon the battery in times of extended outages to provide power to other devices. You’ll have time to save your data and power down your computer (the amount of time is limited in this area), and then use the battery to suit your needs until power is restored. A UPS battery backup is a device you might not need often, but can save time, money and frustration if and when you do.


Making the Right Choice: Veritiv GXT5

Choosing a UPS battery backup device has obvious benefits, but choosing the right one is sometimes a bit more complicated. You need to find hardware that serves your needs today, is convenient to use and monitor, and can also grow with you as your company’s needs grow.


The Veritiv GXT5 is a UPS solution that provides a wide range of benefits to provide convenient protection today, while scaling with you to meet your expanded needs tomorrow. With a flexible rack/tower design, battery needs can be met by adding external cabinets (which the system detects automatically), ensuring that your important hardware and workstations will be protected with the time needed to preserve data when an outage occurs, and the power required to keep everything safe during spike and surges.


You can control it locally or remotely, and with an Energy Star 2.0 certification, it’s an energy-efficient tool as well. The Veritiv GXT5 offers dependability and reliability today, and enough flexibility to retain its value tomorrow.


More Questions?

You might have a few more questions regarding UPS battery backup benefits and how it can fit into your current technology infrastructure. Imperium Data is here to help. We can identify the specific risks to your company by foregoing this level of protection and highlight tangible benefits that apply to your unique situation. Simply use our contact page to get started.

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