The Hidden Costs of Bad Hires

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Having an unfilled position is a frustrating aspect of running a business. Work can’t get done, existing employees are overburdened, and the company can’t serve customers as well as it should. Without someone in a needed position, everybody suffers. At some point, managers simply wish they could find somebody to fill the position.

But, as the saying goes, be careful what you wish for; you just might get it. If you become so desperate to find somebody, you might end up with exactly that, “somebody.” You’ll add a name to a title and fill a spot, for however long the relationship lasts. It might take a little while, or it might happen soon after you set up their email account. But eventually, you will question whether the person is really a good fit. And that’s when managers come to realize that a bad hire is actually worse than no hire at all.

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