Power Maintenance and Cooling: Protecting Your Critical Systems

Power and Cooling

Imagine paying a large sum of money for a beautiful, private yacht. It hums along at cruising speeds and has all the modern amenities. It’s a pleasure to use and you can’t imagine ever getting along without it.

Now imagine that you never bothered to check the fluids, never replaced the onboard battery and you have no backups. In fact, you never even performed a maintenance check that would have alerted you that some systems need attention. Eventually, the battery dies and the yacht no longer runs, or the engine completely overheats and the craft is useless. Either you’re stuck in place, or you’ve ruined your investment.

If that sounds like a foolish, unrealistic scenario, considering that many businesses, essentially, take the same approach with their servers and data centers. They fail to ensure the power supply is always reliable, and they risk the entire system overheating and jeopardizing their expensive hardware. Maintaining proper power and cooling are important elements of system care, and ignoring them can leave your business drifting along, with no direction and no way to get back on course quickly.

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