Avoid Hurricane Havoc: The Benefits of UPS Battery Backup Systems

People who use computers come from all walks of life, work across all industries, and hail from anywhere in the world. Yet they all share one common experience: The sinking feeling you get when the power goes out and you haven’t saved your work. It’s a rare occurrence, but a memorable one for all the […]


Lead Times and the Supply Chain Shortage

There are many signs that society is headed in the direction of “back to normal.” Virus numbers are going down in many parts of the country (and in some parts of the world), people are going out more, and there’s an increased demand for many products and services. Those encouraging signs are becoming clearer as […]


Evaluating Your Business Computers and Hardware

Business leaders spend so much time making sure their network and software is up to date and working efficiently, they sometimes underestimate the value of evaluating hardware. If the devices used to access the network and software aren’t up to speed, it doesn’t matter how innovative or effective they are. A company can’t maximize its […]


VoIP: What Is It and Do You Need It?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), in its simplest definition, is a way to make phone calls using your Internet connection. Instead of a dedicated landline, the hardware you use to access the internet is used to process your phone calls. At first glance, it just sounds like a new way to do something we’ve been […]


Solving the Problem of Slow Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is integral to most companies. It keeps work flowing, employees productive and customers happy. When you are experiencing slow wi-fi your business suffers. But “working” means more than simply maintaining a connection. When a company experiences slow Wi-Fi, it’s not really working the way it should. Aside from the obvious frustration, a slow connection costs […]


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