VoIP: What Is It and Do You Need It?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), in its simplest definition, is a way to make phone calls using your Internet connection. Instead of a dedicated landline, the hardware you use to access the internet is used to process your phone calls. At first glance, it just sounds like a new way to do something we’ve been […]


Solving the Problem of Slow Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is integral to most companies. It keeps work flowing, employees productive and customers happy. When you are experiencing slow wi-fi your business suffers. But “working” means more than simply maintaining a connection. When a company experiences slow Wi-Fi, it’s not really working the way it should. Aside from the obvious frustration, a slow connection costs […]


Data Storage: Meeting Your Business Needs

As a company becomes more productive and more effective in meeting customer needs, they often experience a related problem: What to do with the increasing amount of data they create. Fortunately, as businesses have evolved and their important data has evolved, so has data storage.


What You Need To Know About Network Security Keys

When learning about network security keys, the first step is to know what they are. Do you have one? If you’re not sure, it might be easier to ask if you have a WiFi password. If so, then you have a network security key. They’re the same thing.


Choosing an IT Staffing Agency: A Complete Guide

The success of any business relies on having qualified, productive, and reliable staff no matter how large or small a company may be. Business owners have day-to-day operations to tend to, which usually leaves the recruiting and hiring process not very high on the priority list. An IT staffing agency guarantees that you get the […]


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