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Choosing an IT Staffing Agency: A Complete Guide

Why Work with an IT Staffing Agency

The success of any business relies on having qualified, productive, and reliable staff no matter how large or small a company may be. Business owners have day-to-day operations to tend to, which usually leaves the recruiting and hiring process not very high on the priority list. An IT staffing agency guarantees that you get the candidates best fit for the role as quickly as possible- and leaves you with more time and resources to focus on the core objectives of your business.


How do you know if outsourcing your recruitment needs through a staffing agency is right for your company?

Here are a few of the top reasons why partnering with an agency can be beneficial:


Hiring qualified employees takes a lot of time and resources- from advertising and recruiting to combing through resumes with a fine-toothed comb and interviewing potential candidates. Staffing agencies eliminate most of that tedious process and instead present you with a group of qualified workers ready for a final interview, acquiring your IT staffing in the most efficient way possible.


Fast Hire

A staffing agency allows you the ability to hire employees faster than traditional in-house recruiting. On average, the hiring process for an entry-level employee takes 23 days. Staffing agencies have extensive networks and access to thousands of skilled candidates who are ready to get to work. Whether you need a temporary or permanent position filled, you could have experienced and reliable labor in as little as 24 hours.



Partnering with an agency gives your company the flexibility it needs to maintain efficiency and productivity. Many businesses need temporary staffing to fill in vacancies, such as vacations, resignations, or family emergencies. Other companies are hesitant to hire full-time positions and would rather only have workers when they are absolutely needed. Staffing agencies allow businesses to meet their hiring needs and adapt to demands on a continuous basis.



While firms typically charge a markup of 25% to 100% of the employee’s wages, those rates are also being used for payroll, taxes, unemployment, and worker’s compensation since that worker is employed through the staffing agency. When considering all of the costs associated with your employees, paying an agency to cover those staffing fees can end up costing you less in the long run.


How to Choose a Staffing Agency

 Now that you’ve decided to partner up with an IT staffing agency, the next step is figuring out which agency appeals to you and your company the best. It should be as simple as calling up a firm and asking them to send someone over, right? Not quite- continue reading for questions to consider when choosing an agency for your IT staffing needs.


1. What are your company’s needs?

The first step in choosing a recruitment partner is determining the staffing needs of your company. Are you looking to hire temporary or seasonal replacements for a short period of time? Or is your business growing and in need of regular full-time employees? You can then narrow down your list of technical staffing agencies to those that specialize in the field you are hiring for to ensure you receive quality candidates that fit your role.


2. Does the staffing agency have a good reputation?

The staffing agency you choose will be representing your company, so it’s crucial to find a partner that has a reliable reputation. The quality of management will likely affect the quality of employees recruited- therefore you should be aware of how an agency treats their candidates. You also want to make sure that the firm has been in business long enough to develop a rapport of honesty and accessibility and has a proven track record of success.


3. What are the steps of the agency’s screening process?

Determining an agency’s screening process is a good indicator of how well the firm knows the candidates they are sending your way. Pre-employment screening services such as background checks and drug screenings, as well as behavioral and technical assessments, allow you to better see how an employee would fit in your company’s environment.


4. How do they recruit and retain talent?

The way a staffing agency recruits its candidates can tell a lot about how successful they will be as a partner, as well as the retention rate of the employees. Ask about the platforms they use such as LinkedIn and Facebook along with online recruiting sources like Indeed, and check out some of their online ads for IT jobs. You should also figure out what type of pay and benefits are offered to candidates and look at the rate of employees retained by their clients.


5. How much does the staffing agency charge?

Agency’s usually charge a markup rate to cover both payment for their services and the staffing fees associated with hiring a new employee. This markup is a percentage of the hired employee’s wages, typically within the 30% to 40% range but can skyrocket to as much as 150%. Discuss with the agency what factors influence the percentage such as supply and demand or skill of workers, and what insurances and benefits are included with it. These fees are somewhat easy for you to negotiate- but use extra caution when looking at anything over 50%.


Tips for Selecting an IT Staffing Agency

Choosing a staffing agency can be a challenging process, so doing your research and shopping around is absolutely vital. Below is a helpful checklist to consider before entrusting a recruitment partner with staffing your company:

  • The agency’s references and clientele base
  • The process for recruiting and selecting candidates
  • The retainment and turnover rate of employees with clients
  • The communication levels with clients as well as prospective employees
  • The niche or area of specialty the agency has
  • The level of field-specific experience of the recruiter
  • The timeline for sourcing and providing candidates

The right IT staffing agency can do wonders for your business by creating a top-tier workforce while helping you meet productivity and budget goals. Doing a little investigating and observing before making a decision can save you time and resources, leaving you with an experienced and reputable business partner for a long-term investment.

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