Which IT Certifications Are Expected in the Industry Today?

It certifications

Years ago, it was important for someone entering the information technology field to be “certified.” The actual certification wasn’t the most important detail since there were only a handful of recognized certifications. But having one of them on your resume was a real plus and raised the ceiling in your chosen career.

As the IT space has expanded and segmented exponentially, things are very different today. Certifications aren’t part of the ceiling; they’re now the floor foundation for all prospective employees. Certifications are both necessary and expected to pursue a successful career, and the type of certification(s) you can claim is extremely important as well. Your area of specialization (and the appropriate certifications that go along with it) will determine your appeal in a competitive job market. And if you don’t have the right ones, you likely won’t be seen as the right fit.

If you’re armed with the proper certifications, you stand a better chance of finding a great position. With that in mind, what are the top certifications for IT professionals in terms of getting started in the field, advancing to senior positions, and current demand in today’s marketplace? While there’s an ever-expanding list of IT certifications, keep these in mind as you look to expand your knowledge base in the IT field:

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