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Managed Service Providers: An Asset in Health Care

Many businesses can benefit from utilizing managed service providers to handle their IT needs. A good MSP ensures things run smoothly, handles problems quickly, and limits liabilities associated with downtime, errors, or malicious attacks. Companies from practically any field realize more security, efficiency, and productivity with a top-tier MSPworking for them.

And there is no field with more at stake – and a bigger need for the essential advantages of a managed service provider – than the health care field.


Unique Challenges in Healthcare

While all businesses are encouraged to stay on top of technological trends and protect proprietary information, it’s a legal and ethical responsibility in health care. The government had codified specific responsibilities health care entities need to undertake in digitizing and improving patient access to information. At the same time, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) establishes standards for electronic healthcare communication and protects patient privacy and security. Organizations are not simply encouraged to adhere to these standards; it’s a requirement for doing business.


From an ethical and business standpoint, it’s also an important opportunity to establish patient confidence in the health care provider. Navigating a medical issue, with referrals, insurance obstacles and the emotional and mental stress of dealing with a health challenge is daunting enough for an individual or family. Providing a stress-free electronic experience, where they have access to previously unavailable tools for accurate information and communication, can go a long way to improving the patient experience.


With many medical issues requiring visits to multiple locations, communicating with various specialists, and dealing with several separate billing entities, patients need a convenient way to keep track of the information and companies need a secure and effective way of providing it. The IT-managed service provider can accomplish those tasks with unparalleled reliability and security, and they do it cost-effectively.


The MSP Advantage For Health Care Organizations

Technology trends advance quickly in all fields. In health care, they move at light speed. And while the organization adapts and implements these new technologies, compliance and security need to be at the forefront of all discussions. An in-house IT department could spend all its time and resources learning how to implement a new opportunity while adhering to federal laws and industry standards, only to find expensive changes or updates are required to move ahead. And that doesn’t count time spent troubleshooting and ensuring the system works once implemented, or server/cloud investments to grow as needs change.


The right IT-managed service provider eliminates those challenges. With extensive experience in the healthcare sector, staying on top of trends and staying in compliance with all regulations happens automatically. The MSP understands the needs of the organization and can update resources when necessary. Some facilities require cloud-based tools and an enhanced digital presence, while others need more electronic resources for use in specific physical locations. And as circumstances change over time, the MSP can allocate resources to meet those changes.


Instead of scrambling to understand the latest regulations and compliance mandates, the healthcare organization can let the MSP handle it, and any related headaches will disappear. That relationship gives them more time to focus on positive patient outcomes and effective business strategies. And both of those tasks will be enhanced by the IT-managed service provider.


How MSPs Benefit Patients

The patient experience is always changing, and technology plays a larger role than ever. Patients and their families expect uncomplicated access to information and increased opportunities for communication, and patient portals are an important tool in keeping everyone informed. Integrating data from multiple facilities, physicians, and other healthcare professionals into a system that patients can access requires complex systems working together as one efficient network. To also protect patient data and ensure the portal is secure and compliant requires a superior level of expertise and experience.


An IT-managed service provider offers that level of expertise, with the experience to ensure that the experience is an excellent one for patients, physicians, and anyone who needs to access records or other data electronically.


The result is more than convenience. Patients and their relatives are often going through stressful exams and appointments. By providing an excellent technological experience on a website or portal, a healthcare organization can reduce anxiety, enable quicker follow-up and allow everyone to focus on better health outcomes. If the goal of a healthcare organization is to improve the quality of life for the people it serves, a seamless technological experience is a modern component of that goal. A managed service provider can help an organization accomplish it without taking the focus away from what they do best.


If the MSP achieved these benefits at a premium cost, it would be worth the expense. But in reality, it’s the opposite: Healthcare organizations will save money with an IT-managed service provider as opposed to handling everything in-house. They get the necessary experience in their field, and the ability to keep up with trends and regulations, fix problems quickly, keep everything secure, and improve the patient experience. And since it’s all done in a budget-conscious environment with the ability to scale as conditions require, more companies in the healthcare sector are turning to the MSP model to handle their IT needs.


Imperium Data Managed Services: Superior Managed Solutions

Imperium Data can handle the IT needs of any healthcare provider. With our expertise, any organization can upgrade their patient experience, remain on the cutting edge of industry trends and standards, receive excellent service, and realize cost savings as opposed to going it alone.


Our experts are ready to answer any questions and help guide you toward successful outcomes based on your organization’s goals. Simply use our contact page to get started.

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