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Understanding the Benefits of Storage Virtualization

Virtualization has already had an enormous impact on businesses and their use of information technology resources to help better achieve their goals. Software-defined architectures can help free a company from many of the IT issues that plague companies on a day-to-day basis while optimizing resources.

What exactly is storage virtualization? Often referred to as virtual SAN or vSAN, storage virtualization is the pooling of many physical storage arrays from Sans and compiling them into a single virtual storage device. This compilation can integrate data from different vendors, data centers, and networks into a single logical view which is then managed from a single point.

When it comes to top-rated vSAN options, the VMware vSAN is a consistent favorite amongst organizations for a number of reasons. The benefits of vSAN set companies and organizations up for success in three main ways:

  • Improved Performance and Reliability – Storage virtualization is able to optimize an organization’s use of storage with tools that are capable of responding in real-time to workload changes. Business applications are also constantly accessible while they provide load balancing and failover across sites and systems. These systems may be granular to enable dynamic storage provisioning and offer granular recovery in the event of an unexpected failure. The VMware vSAN allows companies to leverage their current flash/SSD tech structures, upgrade-on demand, or add new technologies.
  • Reduced Amount of Hardware and Costs – The total cost of ownership of a product includes all aspects of a product from installation and equipment costs to the cost of running and maintenance. The total cost of ownership of a vSAN product is significantly lower than other storage options as it is designed to include the ability to deploy without having to purchase new hardware. This factor paired with the simplicity of only needing general IT personnel (versus specialized trained) to manage normal service delivery significantly lowers the costs. Additionally, VMware vSAN systems help improve security so that businesses avoid incredibly costly security breaches and huge amounts of money in repairs, damages, labor, and a loss of reputation.
  • Simplicity – Virtual storage solutions are designed to be simple and flexible to use. Not only is the VMware vSAN agile, it also integrates with existing vSpheres. This allows enterprise to maximize their current vSphere environment so that it only takes a few clicks to install and configure. These systems are designed to make user experience a priority so that information technology generalists are able to manage them.

When it comes to vSAN, one of the leading software-defined storage solutions for enterprises is VMware vSAN. It is nearly effortless to deploy, manage, and budget while allowing for flexibility and scalability on demand. Its cost-effective solutions and high resource utilization make it a smart choice for organizations looking to streamline costs, simplify operations, and mitigate risks.


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