The FortiGate Secure SD-WAN

Temperatures are rising… and it is not because of flu season. We are seeing more and more Cisco Router stability issues across the board due to ororganizations’loud transformations putting your legacy routers at risk. Here at Imperium, we think it is about time for you to Get Well with FortiGate Secure SD-WAN.


Replacing your Cisco Routers with SD-WAN can improve application performance while also creating cost cuts. This will also ensure your organization achieves a consolidated, agile solution with a reduced TCO in the long run as well.


What is SD-WAN? Software-defined wide-area networking has quickly become the replacement for the legacy WAN infrastructure for countless of organizations. This software adds infrastructure complexity while exposing branches to unknown security risks. A Secure SD-WAN solution, such as the FortiGate Secure SD-WAN, consolidates networking, routing, and security infrastructure in a single, organically developed solution. This software has the capability to provide operational leaders with a large range of networking capacities and increase securities organization wide. Many are making the change to this technology, and by 2022 there is an expected increase compound annual growth rate of over 40% reaching upwards of $4.5 billion for this technology and the industry.


How can we help you maximize your use of this technology? We are glad you asked! Our goal is to analyze your traffic while not disturbing your current network so we can generate a report with our findings of your system. From there we can asses the right avenue for you!


Here are some recommendations when it comes to all you could be utilizing with the Fortinet Secure SD-WAN technology to grow and strengthen your organization. It is critical that you take the next step in improving branch between security.


Leverage Direct Internet Access for External Traffic

Reports show that on average 43.1% of traffic comes from a variety of external sources. Optimizing traffic flows while still reducing overall operational costs is the goal when you are leveraging Direct Internet Access.


Create Service Level Agreements for Key Applications

Make sure that the applications are selecting WAN links instead of latching onto external ones, this will help increase all-around performance.


Route High Bandwidth Applications Through Broadband Circuits

Search for the high-bandwidth applications that take up too much of your bandwidth. Then you can use Direct Internet Access for those applications when setting up your SD-WAN.


Protect Against Malware

Malware is most likely passing through your current gateway controls without you even realizing it or doing anything to prevent it. Make sure malware signatures are up to date on your existing firewall to prevent malware attacks on your system.


Add Sandboxing Technology

By completing this step, you can detect unknown malware quicker and more efficiently to prevent from those pesky malware issues.


Inspect Encrypted Traffic

The majority of your network traffic is usually encrypted, so it is imperative to implement SSL inspection to make sure there is full application visibility and traffic inspection.


Did that spark your interest? Are you or your organization missing some of these imperative pieces in WAN technology? Contact us today for a no-obligation SD-WAN assessment and clarification on what your organization needs to keep your software the best of the best.

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