Which IT Certifications Are Expected in the Industry Today?

Years ago, it was important for someone entering the information technology field to be “certified.” The actual certification wasn’t the most important detail since there were only a handful of recognized certifications. But having one of them on your resume was a real plus and raised the ceiling in your chosen career. As the IT […]


How Remote Work is Making IT Companies Money

As the world slowly regains a sense of normalcy, companies are reverting to traditional ways of doing business. While some policies and procedures were reinstated quickly, others have been adopted more slowly, with the hopes of complete implementation over the coming months. But there’s one area that many businesses won’t change at all. In fact, […]


Five Steps to Creating Compelling Job Openings

Finding the right candidate for your job openings means attracting that candidate when you have the opportunity. Job descriptions are a chance to let prospective employees know what you’re offering, and why it’s a position they should consider. It is your company’s best chance to attract the caliber of talent you really want. Unfortunately, jobs […]


The Hidden Costs of Bad Hires

Having an unfilled position is a frustrating aspect of running a business. Work can’t get done, existing employees are overburdened, and the company can’t serve customers as well as it should. Without someone in a needed position, everybody suffers. At some point, managers simply wish they could find somebody to fill the position. But, as […]


Staffing Agencies: The Misunderstood Asset

The term “staffing agency” conjures up specific notions and expectations for prospective workers and successful companies. Many of them have specific beliefs regarding what they are and how they’re useful. Unfortunately, many of those beliefs are completely incorrect, and those misconceptions are costing both sides a valuable resource that could assist them in finding the […]


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