Multi-Factor Authentication

Do you ever log in to an online account and are forced to provide more than a password? Sometimes we are texted codes, given facial recognition capabilities, or other authentication techniques to even reach a home page for one of our accounts. This security technique is known as multi-factor authentication.


Employee Productivity Monitoring

The workforce has changed, and management has to follow. With 1/3 of the United States workforce working from home, many managers need to learn new management tactics and rethink their management entirely. Work from home seems to be here to stay, so we must innovate. In a typical office environment, traditional management enforcement is straight forward.


Remote Lockout and Wipe Capabilities

Imagine this – You love your computer and find it to be a device you trust. Given this trust, you upload your most sensitive secret files to the computer, then just a week later, it is stolen? Now what? Even with a safe and secure device, expert hackers with unlimited time may have the means and wherewithal to eventually […]



VPN’s seems to be the new craze in cybersecurity, and for a good reason. We all encounter the need for them weekly, but we often do not even realize it. All of us log into different Wi-Fi networks as part of our normal lives. Most of them are in our own home or place of work, […]


Data Protection

Centuries have passed, and much has changed. Much progress has been made. Cities have been built, dictators overthrown, social justice reform has progressed, and many other steps of humanity have moved forward in the right direction. In the same breath, we must recognize that many things have not changed. In many areas, progress has not been made.


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