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Remote Lockout and Wipe Capabilities

Enhancing Security with Remote Lockout and Data Wipe Features

Imagine this – You love your computer and find it to be a device you trust. Given this trust, you upload your most sensitive secret files to the computer, then just a week later, it is stolen? Now what? Even with a safe and secure device, expert hackers with unlimited time may have the means and wherewithal to eventually find a way in, rendering all of your files potentially compromised and public. What if these files were your client’s property, and it was your job to keep them safe? After all, many state employment licenses state your license can be revoked for not protecting private customer data. All of a sudden, your life could go up in flames with your credibility, lifelong secrets, or even your job at stake.


Risks We Take with Our Data

These, unfortunately, are just the first of many scenarios where our data could be at risk. The most noteworthy recent rise in risks of this type has arisen as a result of the recent societal changes we are dealing with as a result of a large portion of the workforce employed from home – some estimates saying half of the workforce at the pandemics peek. This situation has forced us to consider incorporating the workforce into the necessary technologies to function as an employee from home fully. Just as important as it is to connect the workforce, we have to be able to disconnect them. Entrepreneurs, partners, and investors spend enormous capital every year to develop brands, intellectual property, data, customer service systems, and other vital but private information. Any employee can leave a company at any moment. At any moment, they can also pick up and go with your data if it is not secured adequately. With many working off-site and monitoring of employees often reduced, this risk is much higher. What if the employee is disgruntled, fired, or has other motivation to threaten your data?

Given these threats, we all must be mindful of the worst-case scenarios for our computers, phones, servers, and any other devices as well as those outside parties we allow to access our data. All car drivers keep car insurance to protect against the worst-case scenario of a car crash, so why do many of us not do the same with sensitive data?


Prevention Methods

Our prevention team will keep your data safe. Our software technology team has the ability to implement remote data wipes, remote lockouts, and remote lockdowns of devices even if they are hundreds of miles away with no physical connection to our controls. If all of the right safeguards are in place, your data is safe. If not, threatening parties can end up with all of your data to do with what they choose, posing an enormous risk for individuals and organizations.

Our systems will allow designated parties the ability to delete data from far aware and implement remote encryption, and other tactical security measures. Our software will be as extensive or limited as you choose. The point is the option is yours, and we have a menu of options to provide to you at any time and any place.

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