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Why Should You Buy Compatible Optics?

Most IT networking professionals are well aware of just how costly products from Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) are when sourced from their original manufacturers, such as Cisco, HPE, Juniper, and Extreme. However, when customers search for optics online, they quickly realize just how expensive OEM products are compared to third-party optics suppliers. Why is there such a big price difference? Is it okay to buy third-party products?


The answer is yes, third-party optics are a cost-effective, quality choice for businesses of all sizes.


You Have a Right to Choose Between Third-Party Optics and OEM

When it comes to consumer rights, there is federal legislation put into place to protect individuals. The Sherman Antitrust Act protects consumers should they choose to use third-party products outside of the OEM. This law states that a manufacturer cannot invalidate a warranty or the company’s own support should a client decide to purchase an upgrade from another company, nor can they tie their own exclusive upgrades to equipment.


This act benefits consumers across all industries and encourages competition as an antitrust policy. Many clients are under the impression that their OEM warranty will be voided if they purchase third-party compatible optics, but this is simply not the case by law.


Sadly, networking original equipment manufacturers and their partners have been using this fear and doubt concerning warranties associated with using third-party manufacturers to scare clients into buying their much more expensive products. This marketing ploy has confused many clients, as they are unsure about what is true concerning their warranty.


The Benefits of Third-Party Optics

Third-party optics help clients save money when working within a limited budget, provide them with access to better quality system equipment, and many other benefits.

  • Availability – A professional third-party optics provider, such as Imperium Data, typically offers a wide range of products that even an OEM cannot provide. If a client were to need a specific cable for an older model of product, chances are that a third-party can meet these particular needs in a short turnaround time.
  • Quality – Most factories around the world produce all of their optics in accordance with the strict Multisource Agreement (MSA) standards. This means that clients are able to get the quality that they want and need for their business without the enormous price tag.
  • Programming and Testing – When it comes to compatible optics, quality providers program and test their products thoroughly in state-of-the-art labs. They are also tested in their intended end-point environment.
  • Better Support and Experienced Technicians – Third-party providers can save clients not only money but also time as they provide support for many different manufacturers within a single contract. This eliminates the need to manage several different contracts with direct OEM manufacturers. Third-party optics suppliers typically consist of a team of technical experts in a variety of networking equipment from a wide spectrum of manufacturers where OEMs only focus on their brand.


At Imperium Data, we are proud to support our clients with the highest quality third-party optics and support for their systems. If you would like to learn more about purchasing third-party networking supplies from a wide array of brands, contact the experts at Imperium Data today.

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