Top Three Benefits of Edge Computing

Edge computing with IDS

At one point, “the cloud” was more of a buzzword than a business device. But over time, companies saw the value of storing their data and work product in one place so all employees and partners could access and contribute to it no matter where they were. Since everything is on the internet, a secure connection is all they need. As a result, it’s become an integral part of forward-thinking businesses and industries as a whole.

So what now?

The phrase “edge computing” might have that buzzword-like feel to it, since many companies are still learning about it. But like the cloud itself, an analysis of its benefits reveals productivity opportunities that coincide with cost savings. By bringing applications and data closer to the user (the “edge” of the network rather than the centralized “middle”), businesses can keep the cloud framework and its advantages, but tweak its usage to maximize efficiency for certain parts of the organization.

Here are three ways edge computing can provide extra benefits, and help optimize your cloud-based strategy.

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