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Remote Control of Desktop

Before the presence of the novel coronavirus, the United States unemployment rate was by any statistical measure the lowest in modern history (post World War II) with rates below 4% by any statistical measure and by some measuring agencies close to 3%. Despite the strong economy at that point, unemployment fell so low, that there started to be negative effects, prompting monitoring of the adverse effects. These negative effects included:

  • Employee demand so large it creates a lack of workforce motivation, lowering productivity
  • Difficulty hiring results in hiring lower-level workers
  • Difficulty retaining employees
  • Management challenges due to entitled workforce
  • Other negative economic effects such as wage inflation


Now that the global pandemic is present and employees are working from home, there is a whole new set of challenges. Logic and recent press may lead you to think that working from home is suitable for productivity, and higher unemployment rates will motivate a previously less than-motivated, entitled workforce. This is not exactly the truth. Although unemployment rates have risen, employers are now competing with the federal government for employees, at least in the short term. With programs such as the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance program providing very high unemployment paychecks, many workers say they would rather stay home than work. With transportation costs and taxes to deal with when it comes to dealing with a typical paying job, many have decided they are better off collecting the unemployment check, which is often the same as or close to the actual net income an employee would have at work.


For those who are working, management is not present on-site to make sure they are doing the work they are being paid to do. Even worse, many schools and daycares are closed, leaving working parents with constant distractions during the day from their families.


How do managers and the workforce deal with this? The answer is technology. While we have highlighted many negative trends in the workplace, the positive trends revolve around technology. Our company and our affiliates can provide products to your team to allow them to manage employees remotely as if they were in the same office.


One of these critical components is remote monitoring paired with remote control. Employers are now replicating their offices in the home setting by providing equipment and other work-related devices to employees in their homes. As part of this technology sharing, they can incorporate software that will permit them to monitor and control these devices from other locations legally.


These remote controls mean precisely what they are title – remote controls. You will have the power to control the mouse, keyboard, and screen of a computer in another location as if it is in front of you.


How does this work? Our team will install the required hardware on the device you want to connect to. This device is known as the host. We will then connect another computer or device with the right credentials, called the client. The client will connect to the host and control it. Once set up, the system is extremely user-friendly, requiring only a few simple clicks to use.


Like most of our software packages, they can be provided off the shelf or custom-built for you. Each company has different needs, and we know that. Our software can include a variety of features including remote troubleshooting, server connection, uploading, downloading, installation of items, and others.


With our software installed, keeping employees motivated and monitored is just a click of a button away.

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