Getting the Most Out of Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams

If your business benefits from online, real-time communication between employees, you know that finding the right application can be challenging. In many cases, the best policy has been to find something that’s pretty close to what you need and try to make the best of it. Unfortunately, that means workarounds for a tool’s limitations and using multiple apps at the same time to cover all necessary tasks. But even then, some features might be lacking, and getting everyone on the same page at the same time can be more difficult when going back and forth between different solutions. That’s also assuming that there are no software conflicts or lag when important work needs to get done.

Fortunately, Microsoft Teams can not only solve a number of those obstacles but puts all the features under one umbrella. It eliminates the need for multiple apps from multiple companies, integrates with your existing workflow, and supports several different forms of communication. And if you have the proper Office 365 subscription, there’s no extra cost. You already have the ability to use it right now.

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