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Fortinet – How to Decommission Units

Remember to decommission your units. If a Fortinet device is no longer in use, it should be appropriately and safely decommissioned. Technology devices do not consist of one part and one part only – they consist of a few primary parts and hundreds (if not thousands) of secondary components. These technology parts work in tandem. While one part not working or working slower than its remaining parts may not stop the unit, it can have a negative effect.


For a trained professional such as those on our team, decommissioning units is quick, easy, and painless. For the untrained individual, this process can be intimidating, lengthy, confusing, and costly as incorrect decommissions can have a domino effect on the web of any total system.


Our team is nationally renowned as the best in the industry at providing a cyclical customer experience. We can provide the applications, software, hardware, cloud, and network components required to create a top-of-the-line network. We pair with our industry elite security options to make sure this network runs smoothly with no interference. Our presence does not stop there. Once installed, we are here to guide you through any confusing nuances as you work through your new product, as well as to troubleshoot any issues that arise. Changes are a natural part of any life (real or technology) and can scary. As compliance and technology force you to adapt, you can rest easy knowing our team will take care of it while you focus on your day to day business. Decommissioning units, reinstalling units, adding or subtracting components, all are in a day’s work for our team. With a dynamic, innovative team behind you, your operations and networks teams will have a 24/7 resource to connect with at all times.

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