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Enhancing Wi-Fi Network Management: The Role of Wyebot and Imperium Data

Inherently, Wi-Fi networks are highly dynamic, requiring more ongoing tweaks and monitoring compared to wired networks. While issues can arise in wired networks, this blog post will primarily focus on the edge and the medium for the purpose of this writeup.

When you connect an ethernet cable to your computer, you typically don’t need to touch it again unless there’s physical damage. However, Wi-Fi introduces several variables that can impact connectivity and performance, spanning from Layer one to Layer seven of the OSI model.

In the quest to troubleshoot Wi-Fi connectivity, we often encounter various common issues:

  1. Adjacent Channel Interference (ACI)
  2. Co-Channel Interference (CCI)
  3. Client Contention
  4. RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indicator)
  5. Tx Power
  6. Roaming issues
  7. Airtime utilization
  8. DNS/DHCP/RADIUS connectivity
  9. Throughput
  10. Application performance
  11. Low data rates
  12. Firmware/Driver issues

Different WLAN vendors may offer varying degrees of insight into these issues. Some may provide comprehensive solutions, while others may lack a solution altogether, or it might require a substantial investment of resources and budget. This can lead to user dissatisfaction, erode trust in the WLAN, and place undue strain on support teams who continuously react to connectivity issues. Keyword here is “react”, yes without the right tools it is back to the legacy way to troubleshooting.

Proactive monitoring of a multi-site WLAN deployment, fixing issues before they affect users, and maintaining a seamless user experience can be a challenging endeavor.


The Role of Wyebot and Imperium Data

So, how can a platform like “Wyebot – Wireless Intelligent Platform™” along with Imperium Data Wireless Professional Services help your team overcome these challenges and allow you to manage, monitor and proactively troubleshoot some of the common WLAN issues?


Wyebot sensors can be integrated as an overlay to your existing WLAN infrastructure. These sensors are equipped with three radios, two for scanning and a third for multifunction purposes.


By harnessing Wyebot’s technology, you gain access to valuable insights into user experience, synthetic testing, and historical analytics. This information can be stored and analyzed to pinpoint factors that may be impacting user experience (after all it is all about the user experience). Moreover, the Packet Capture functionality provides immense value to engineers, facilitating in-depth packet analysis when needed.


Whether you are setting up a brand-new WLAN or dealing with challenges in your existing WLAN solution, Imperium Data can work with your team to design a tailored solution for optimizing your WLAN. If your network qualifies for a Wyebot solution, Imperium Data can assist with discovery, design, implementation, and training to ensure the success of the entire solution. If you’re interested in witnessing this solution in action, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’d be delighted to schedule a demo and proof of concept, demonstrating how Wyebot and Imperium Data can transform your management, monitoring, and performance.

By: Mohammad Ali

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