Juniper Networks: Award-Winning Imperium Premier Partner

In order for a business to operate efficiently, it needs to have a computer network created around a superiorly crafted LAN infrastructure. Imperium Data prides itself by partnering with other preeminent tech companies. To that end, Imperiumis thrilled to announce that their partner, Juniper Networks, has been named a Leader in the 2021 Gartner Magic […]


Staffing Trends for 2022

The world shifted in 2020 to a more flexible workplace. As communities shut down, businesses were forced to adapt and provide remote work scenarios for employees. Almost two years later, as businesses try to lure employees back to the physical workspace, many employers are seeing an unwillingness from long-term employees to abandon their new remote […]


Cloud Security and Managed Services: Finding the Right Fit

2020’s global pandemic changed the face of society as we know it. Faced with unprecedented challenges, many people were able to adapt their daily lives to remote communication and documentation methods, be it for business or simply to keep tabs on the family. Thankfully technology has advanced enough to allow businesses to continue operating remotely […]


Reference Checks in the Hiring Process

Reference checks have been an integral part of the hiring process for decades. Before a hire is completed, the hiring company checks in with previous employers or other contacts to glean information about the candidate, helping the hiring team reach a better decision. But do references carry the same weight they did previously? Does it […]


Wi-Fi 6 and What It Means for Your Business

It’s hard to imagine a modern work area not having Wi-Fi. It’s as necessary as a chair for sitting, and if given a choice, many workers would choose to have fast, reliable Wi-Fi over the chair. That’s how important it is to your business. Now that Wi-Fi 6 (technically 802.11ax) is here as a mainstream […]


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