Benefits of a Technology Refresh Cycle

Blog benefits of a technology refresh cycle

All pieces of hardware and technology have an expected life cycle. They have a finite amount of time they function properly, after which they need to be replaced. And all of them come with a reasonable prediction as to how long they’ll last in their expected work environment.

Sometimes a company has hardware that lasts long past its expected life cycle. Any breakdowns are repairable, and they find a way to integrate it into new work processes, so they keep using it. If it still works, the business can save money every year and keep it going, right?

Unfortunately, that philosophy is very wrong. The “good luck” that keeps a piece of technology in operation longer than expected is bad for business. Every year a company uses that hardware past its expected life cycle will cost money in terms of reliability and productivity. Utilizing the hardware for too long carries additional risks that far outweigh the costs associated with updating it, and many companies are utilizing a technology refresh cycle to avoid falling into this common financial trap.

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