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ASCDI Posts Podcast Featuring Imperium Co-Founder Brian Hill

Imperium Data Networks, recently selected to the Tampa Bay Business Journal’s Fast 50 lists for 2021, is gaining more notoriety in the fast-paced world of computer and technical solutions. A new interview with Co-Founder and Sales Director Brian Hill has been released by the Telecom Reseller Podcast and posted to the ASCDI website. The Association of Service and Computer Dealers and the North American Association of Telecom Dealers is an association of companies known collectively as the ASCDI.


Telecom Reseller Podcast host Doug Green covers a wide range of topics in the interview with Hill, including the company’s beginnings in 2018 selling hardware out of a garage, and growing into the organization that was named Start-Up Small Business of the Year by the Tampa Bay Chamber of Commerce in 2020, as well as this year’s Fast 50 list.


Among the areas of interest was Imperium’s three-tiered focus, which allows it to not only service clients in a comprehensive way, but allows those clients to improve service opportunities in their own business. As Hill explained in the podcast:


We focus on delivering hardware at a reasonable price, with an excellent pre and post-sales process through our value-added reseller division. We focus on managed services and creating a fully-serviced IT environment through our Imperium Data managed services division. And then we focus on the people: The people that put that technology into place, the people that are able to get your projects done on time through our Imperium Data talent division.


We believe that when you bundle all three together, we’re creating a competitive advantage for our customers that allows them to be able to have their entire IT resources under one roof, and being able to give them a competitive advantage within their own markets.


Hill also discussed how they manage the three divisions and allow them to operate with a degree of autonomy, while still working together to promote the company’s strategic vision. They also discussed how they stay true to their corporate values, and the benefits of participating in the ASCDI.


Listen to the 15-minute interview here.

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