Being Back in the Office: What Does That Mean for the Tech Industry

Covid-19 has changed the office environment completely, at least for the near future. With liability seemingly as significant of a concern to businesses as the virus itself, companies are doing everything they can to keep their employees and customers safe, as well as their legal team.


Information on Cloud Storage

Our world seems to be dominated today by a requirement for convenience. Entire industries are built around providing quickly accessible files, information, and entertainment. We can see these items most prominently in mobile phones, applications, and social media. Most articles highlight these items are the prime examples of our society’s lack of patience and critical […]


VPN Security Explained

Data = Money. For everyone, yes, everyone. You might not think you are significant in this world, but somebody does (and we do not mean your family). Companies are spending millions of dollars each year simply to learn about their customers. Data influences decisions to act on something and often to buy. Even the average […]


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