Fortinet – How to Decommission Units

Remember to decommission your units. If a Fortinet device is no longer in use, it should be appropriately and safely decommissioned. Technology devices do not consist of one part and one part only – they consist of a few primary parts and hundreds (if not thousands) of secondary components. These technology parts work in tandem. While one part […]


Today’s Technology Trends

Technology is the world’s most significant sector of the economy. Technology innovation is being seen in areas never thought of before: including law enforcement, sales, hospitals, the entertainment business, educational institutions, and countless others. IT drives decisions, supports basic needs, and allows for swift innovations at a pace never seen before in history. These innovations are exciting and can occur […]


Growth in Tech During Covid-19

Covid-19 has changed life in a way we have not seen in a century. The population has been scattered, scared, stuck at home, and forced to alter basic social interaction. With any large scale problem or change, there are silver linings. In this case, those in the tech industry can see the many positive changes […]


CTAP Brings You: Demystify Your WAN Edge with a Secure SD-WAN Assessment Report

CTAP for Wide Area Networks’ (or WAN) importance cannot be understated. It connects all business resources, serving as the foundation for the network of many companies. Businesses, institutions, educational groups, and many others use WAN to pass along data and information to individuals that are students, colleagues, customers, and more in locations near and far (including as far as […]


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